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A Brief History of Nags Head In The Outer Banks

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The area around Nags Head is rich in history and in folklore. Virginia Dare, the first English child born in the New World, disappeared in 1587 from nearby Roanoke Island. Blackbeard is said to have roamed the waters of the Roanoke Sound and rumored to have lost buried treasure beneath the shifting sands of Nags […]

Nags Head — A Front Row Seat to Historic Events

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The Unpainted Aristocracy has provided a porch rocker’s view of history. Under eaves furred by a century of salt spray, the families of Nags Head watched as Union troops marched into Nags Head, using the hotel as a headquarters and dismantling All Saint’s Chapel for use as a shelter for runaway slaves. They waded through […]

Some Local History – Nags Head North Carolina

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Most everyone has heard the old story about how Nags Head got its name. How, as legend has it, the early inhabitants of the sandy banks were not above tying lanterns around horses’ necks (or their tails, one variation goes) and leading the animals up and down the  beach. Merchant skippers at sea, seeing the […]