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Exploring Nags Head Ben Franklin: A Must-Visit Destination for Outer Banks Shoppers

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Nags Head, a small town located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, is known for its beautiful beaches, historical landmarks, and local shopping experiences. One of the most popular shopping destinations in Nags Head is Ben Franklin, a unique store that offers a variety of items ranging from souvenirs to crafts to household goods. […]

DIY Inspiration: Creative Ideas and Supplies at Nags Head Ben Franklin

beach umbrella and beach gear store

If you’re looking for some DIY inspiration or unique supplies, Nags Head Ben Franklin is the place to be. This store is located in the charming beach town of Nags Head, North Carolina and offers a wide variety of creative ideas and supplies that will help you bring your DIY projects to life. Here are […]

The First Settlers of Nags Head and the Outer Banks

Dutch settlers

The first residents of the Outer Banks weren’t early second homeowners, Life Saving Station employees or even the 16th century English Settlers. Some archeologists believe that the Outer Banks were inhabited for well over a thousand years by Native Americans, with small branches of larger tribes, such as Algonquins, Chowanog, and Poteskeet, setting up homes […]

Nags Head — A Front Row Seat to Historic Events

nags head historical photo

The Unpainted Aristocracy has provided a porch rocker’s view of history. Under eaves furred by a century of salt spray, the families of Nags Head watched as Union troops marched into Nags Head, using the hotel as a headquarters and dismantling All Saint’s Chapel for use as a shelter for runaway slaves. They waded through […]

Some Local History – Nags Head North Carolina

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Most everyone has heard the old story about how Nags Head got its name. How, as legend has it, the early inhabitants of the sandy banks were not above tying lanterns around horses’ necks (or their tails, one variation goes) and leading the animals up and down the  beach. Merchant skippers at sea, seeing the […]

Day Trips You Can Make From Nags Head NC

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Sure, you’re spending your vacation at the beach. The waves, the sun and the sand are what you look forward to all year long. But the Outer Banks has way more to offer than just the beach. We have some of the greatest destinations on the east coast, and let’s face it; at some point […]

Don’t Let Jelly Fish Crash Your Beach Day In Nags Head

jellyfish on beach

Ah, the sun is shining, and you’re enjoying a beautiful day at in Nags Head. It’s hot (no surprise there!), so you decide to take a dip in the ocean. And there you are, swimming along and minding your own business when you feel it: the tell-tale burning that comes from getting stung by a […]

Re-Opening Update

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Amidst social distancing, shelter in place rules, working from home and school closures, our days are different and our challenges, unique. Parents are trying to figure out how they can work and educate their children at the same time. The elderly and home-bound are more isolated than ever before. Grocery stores and retailers are facing […]

Covid-19 Update


As our communities continue to feel the increased impact of coronavirus, we feel it is important to share with you what we are doing to help keep people safe and healthy. Please be assured we have protocols in place and are working with the CDC and local public health officials. We strive to take great […]