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Decorating Your Home with an OBX Beach Vibe

Do you long for the relaxed feeling of a beach house even when you’re far from the ocean? Bring the beauty of the Outer Banks into your home no matter where you live with coastal decor. Here are some tips for accessorizing with OBX souvenirs and beachy furnishings:

Hang ocean-inspired art – Frame canvas prints, photos or paintings of lighthouses, seashells, sea glass, starfish and more. Nautical maps and compass rose art also complement the coastal look. We have a great selection of OBX wall hangings to choose from.

Use OBX souvenir mugs, glasses and dishes – Sipping your morning coffee from an OBX mug or serving dinner on a lighthouse platter brings beach vibes to mealtime. Display colorful OBX glasses or seashell dishes in your kitchen.

Add touches of texture with nets, floats and shells – Draping fishing nets and floats on walls or shelves adds natural coastal texture. Fill glass vases with assorted seashells collected from OBX beaches for easy decor.

Layer in sand and ocean hues – Paint or accessorize with soft sand beiges, sea glass blues and greens. Our OBX beach throws in sand dollar and navy colors can cozy up any room.

Show off OBX keepsakes – Display your OBX souvenir shot glasses, Christmas ornaments, magnets or other mementos around your home as reminders of beach memories.

Keep beach scents nearby – Use OBX soy candles or room sprays scented with sea salt, coconut and ocean breezes to set the scene.

Creating an OBX-inspired oasis is easy with decor from your favorite beach souvenir shop. Browse our wide selection the next time you’re in town!

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