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Beach Coverup

Another great way to protect yourself from the Outer Banks sun is with a beach coverup. The beach coverup is a stylish and simple way to get our skin out of the sun, but stay on the beach. The Beach Coverup is also a great way to have layers over your bathing suit. This is ideal as you may be going from the beach to the dunes to beyond.

The Beach Coverup Is Ideal When You Just Cannot Put On Any More Sunscreen

Beach Coverup is perfect when you just cannot stand to put on any more sunscreen. Sometimes the thought of another application of sun lotion, sun screen gel or sun protection spray is just not appealing. The coverup is an easy way to quickly add a layer of sun protection, without actually adding something to your skin.

The Beach Coverup Is There When You Run Out Of Sunscreen

Sometimes you are the unintended supplier of sunscreen to everyone at your beach party. Thus when you break out the sun screen everyone under the beach tent decides to ask if they can use it. Of course you are not going to refuse. Before you know it you are low on sunscreen. When the afternoon comes you reach for the sunscreen and it is almost empty.

Naturally it is impractical to leave the beach and head to Ben Franklin or other beach gear stores that offer sun protection products. The answer is an easy solution. Reach into your beach bag and pull out your designer beach coverup.

The Beach Coverup Is Easy To Transport

The beach coverup also is easy to transport as well. Scrunched up in your beach bag, is an easy thing to have on hand. They are lightweight and are perfect complement to your sun protection regiment.

Beach Coverup Styles

Beach coverups come in lots of styles. Patterns and colors are the perfect complement to your outer banks beach attire. Ben Franklin has an extensive selection of beach coverups.

Beach Gear

In addition to beach coverups Ben Franklin is a beach gear superstore. We have beach products for any part of your beach experience. This includes beach chairs, beach bags, beach toys, swimsuits, towels, fishing gear and more!

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